All you need to know about 5300 El Camino Rd Las Vegas NV 89118

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5300 El Camino Rd is an address located in the southwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This address is a commercial area with a mix of businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, and offices.

One of the main attractions in this area is the Boulevard Mall, which is located just across the street from 5300 el camino rd las vegas nv 89118. The Boulevard Mall is a large shopping center that features a wide variety of stores, including Macy’s, JCPenney, and Forever 21, as well as numerous specialty shops.

Additionally, there are several restaurants located in the vicinity of 5300 El Camino Rd, including fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, as well as sit-down restaurants like Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse.

There are also several office buildings in the area

which house various businesses ranging from financial institutions to healthcare providers. One of the notable office buildings in the vicinity is the Wells Fargo Bank Tower, which is just a short distance away from 5300 El Camino Rd.

Furthermore, there are several residential neighborhoods surrounding 5300 El Camino Rd, which provide housing options for those who work in the area or prefer to live close to it. These neighborhoods feature a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Overall, 5300 El Camino Rd is a bustling commercial area in Las Vegas that offers a diverse range of businesses and services, making it an attractive location for visitors and residents alike.5300 El Camino Rd is a commercial property located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The property is situated in the southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley and is easily accessible from both the I-15 and I-215 freeways.

The surrounding area is a mix of residential and commercial properties. To the west of the property is a residential neighborhood with several schools and parks. To the south and east are other commercial properties including offices, retail stores, and restaurants. There are also several hotels in the vicinity, making it a convenient location for travelers visiting Las Vegas.

The property itself is a large industrial complex

with multiple buildings and warehouses. It offers a variety of space options, including industrial, flex, and office space, making it ideal for businesses with diverse needs. The buildings are well-maintained and offer modern amenities such as high-speed internet, ample parking, and loading docks.

The location of 5300 El Camino Rd is ideal for businesses that need quick access to major transportation routes. The I-15 freeway is just a few minutes away and provides easy access to downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip, and McCarran International Airport. The I-215 beltway is also nearby, offering a convenient route around the city.

In addition to its convenient location, the property is also located near several amenities. There are multiple shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels within a short drive from the property. The Las Vegas Premium Outlets South is just a few minutes away and offers a variety of shopping options.


Overall, 5300 El Camino Rd is an excellent location for businesses looking for industrial or office space in Las Vegas. Its convenient location, modern amenities, and surrounding area make it an attractive choice for many businesses.


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